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Journalist workshop for COP21 massively oversubscribed

Paris COP21More than 50 journalists from around the world have made applications to attend a Climate News Network three-day workshop at the Paris Conference of the Parties (COP21).

The workshop – ‘Understanding the COP process’ – will run during the first week of the crucial Paris meeting, from December 1-3.

The sessions are free and designed mainly for developing world correspondents who may not have access to the latest views and science on global warming. They may also be attending a COP for the first time.

These journalists need to be able to accurately report what’s going on in Paris: they often come from countries most affected by climate change and where people are already feeling the impact of a warming world.

The Climate News Network is an online news agency that specialises in conveying the latest news on climate science in clear and concise language.

The Network is run by four veteran reporters – ex BBC, Financial Times and The Guardian – with many years of experience in training and mentoring journalists around the world.

“The Climate News Network team represents the strongest concentration of experience in environmental journalism anywhere”, says Professor Joe Smith of the UK’s Open University’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

“These veteran reporters are giving their time to develop the knowledge and talent of a body of journalists from across the Global South.

“I’m a massive fan of their training work, but also of their commitment to tell a new climate change story every day. Their freely syndicated stories are reaching very large audiences, and are translated and re-versioned across the planet.”

The workshop is being supported by the Open University, GRID-Arendal of Norway, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development and the International New York Times.

Due to space limitations, the workshop’s first day has been restricted to 14 journalists. Days two and three, which will take place at the COP conference centre at Le Bourget in Paris, will be open to a larger group.

“We are very encouraged by the response we’ve had from countries and news organisations around the world ” says Kieran Cooke, one of the Climate News Network editors.

“Reporters are aware that this is a vitally important meeting and want to be as well briefed as possible.

“We want to help them through the complexities of the negotiating process so they can produce clear and informative reports for their audiences back home. Being well informed is a vital part of the battle against climate change.”

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