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Soil and water carbon stores puzzle science

7 January, 2019 − Under the ice, and deep in the soil, carbon stores maintain a lively traffic. Researchers are teasing out the complexities of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Nine vital signs found for forest health

3 January, 2019 – Forests help to moderate climate change, which can itself affect forest health. Researchers still puzzle over how the canopy affects the global carbon exchange.

Permafrost thaw unsettles the Arctic

1 January, 2019 − Permafrost thaw and retreating Arctic ice don’t just imperil caribou and bears. People, too, may find the ground shifts beneath their feet.

Shutdown . . . Back Soon

LONDON, 24 December 2018 The Climate News Network is taking a short break: we shall not be publishing anything more from today until next Monday, 31 December.  Whether you’re celebrating a religious festival or just having a rest from the daily round, we wish you a happy break. Thank you for supporting us this year. We wish you the very best for 2019. The Editors

Global warming ‘pause’ never happened

19 December, 2018 − Claims of a global warming ‘pause’ in observed temperatures early this century are unfounded and lack statistical significance, researchers say.

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