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Wild plant ancestors need more protection

27 NOVEMBER, 2018 – Everything that humans eat or drink comes directly or indirectly from plants. Many wild plant ancestors, of even the most precious species, could be at risk.

New plane can show geoengineering works

26 November, 2018 – With new aircraft, humans could potentially mimic volcanic action, dim the sunlight and slow global warming, making geoengineering work. It’s a controversial idea.

Hotter climate will cost Europe dear

23 November, 2018 – Unrestrained global warming and a hotter climate will cost Europe dear in lives lost and economies squeezed. Even if it’s limited, there’ll be a price to pay.

Biofuel land grab will slash nature’s space

21 November, 2018 − Growing enough greenery to provide cleaner fuel and slow climate change will need a biofuel land grab: a 10 to 30-fold rise in land devoted to green crops.

Climate impacts will seldom strike singly

20 November, 2018 − Climate impacts aren’t just potentially catastrophic: they could be simultaneous multiple disasters. US scientists have compiled a catalogue of calamity and a map of mayhem.

Worse storms in prospect as warmth rises

19 November, 2018 – Once again, US government scientists warn that hurricane and flood hazard is amplified by a warming world. But worse storms are caused by big cities too.

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