Climate migrants may face multiple drivers

26 November, 2017 – There are many reasons why people should migrate in huge numbers. But new research pinpoints what may drive climate migrants

New planetary epoch makes its mark

25 November, 2017 – The Earth has entered a new planetary epoch. And another 25 million kilometres of road in a few decades will mean a human-dominated planet.

More harm than good with climate geo-engineering

24 November, 2017 – Geo-engineering might be possible – but so far it doesn’t look practical. Yet another study sees dangers in the technofix.

Lizards help to explain climate impacts

23 November, 2017 – Lizards can shed light on the development of ecological niches and how the changing climate may affect the natural world.

Growing urban warmth helps city trees thrive

22 November, 2017 – City trees are responding to climate change and urban growth, making the most of the heat island effect.

The devil’s in the COP 23 detail

21 November, 2017 – For a probably final look at the UN climate conference in Bonn, a Canadian writer explains what the COP 23 detail means.

Texas faces more Harvey-sized hurricanes

20 November, 2017 – Hurricane Harvey caused devastation when it hit Houston. The likelihood of further Harvey-sized hurricanes hitting Texas is rising.

Past climate lessons prompt present rethink

19 November, 2017 – Climate scientists have been looking again deep into the Earth’s history. Those past climate lessons are not reassuring.

Bonn climate talks tread a fine line

18 November, 2017 – The Bonn climate talks end after two weeks of preparation for the crucial round next year to agree more stringent action.

Canada & UK launch coal phaseout plan

17 November, 2017 – At the UN climate summit a group of countries has undertaken to end the use and the financing of coal.

Climate change and nuclear threats are twins

16 November, 2017 – Climate change and nuclear threats feed off each other and should be treated in unison, an influential US think-tank says.