Human limits to growth may be here

15 December, 2017 – Can we run any faster? How tall can we get? Humans who accelerated into climate change may now have to accept our limits to growth.

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A harder rain’s a-gonna fall in the US

11 December. 2017 – Ever-heavier downpours threaten mainland America with harder rain as a consequence of global warming. US cities need to be ready.

A warmer world is likelier than thought. Image: Public domain

Hotter world than predicted may be here by 2100

8 December, 2017 – A hotter world could be on the way, unless nations act. That’s because the gloomiest predictions may not have been gloomy enough.

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Shell’s green plan underwhelms critics

7 December, 2017 – Shareholder intervention has helped to produce Shell’s green plan, a way to cut the energy giant’s climate impact. But questions remain.

Brasilia pays UK to exploit Brazilian oil fields

6 December, 2017 – British companies targeting Brazilian oil deposits stand to benefit from massive tax relief offered by Brazil itself, despite its own recession

London’s great smog prompts link with Delhi

5 December, 2017 – The UK has cleaner air than in 1952 when the great smog of London descended on the capital – but not yet clean enough for thousands.

Mixed forests may not resist climate change

4 December, 2017 – Variety is not just life’s spice, but its support system. But it may not be so simple for mixed forests, researchers say.

Vulnerable infrastructure at risk from climate

1 December, 2017 – Damage to vulnerable infrastructure caused by climate hazards could triple by the 2020s and rise over ten-fold by the end of the century.

Subsiding soils may sink southern Spain

29 November, 2017 – When the heat is on, ground shrinkage means subsiding soils. Sustained drought could cause structural problems in parts of Spain.

Warming pause isn’t over: it never began

28 November, 2017 – The puzzle of the warming pause that stopped continues to perplex. Scientists now think the global climate hiatus never started anyway.

Solar-powered jets could some day take off

27 November, 2017 – Sun-fuelled flight is now at least theoretically possible – but solar-powered jets won’t be on the runway for some years yet.