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Extinction may silence advanced civilisations

11 June, 2018 – ET hasn’t been in touch. Enduring silence may be the real message from distant and ancient galaxies, if advanced civilisations destroy the conditions for their own survival.

Global green vision is do-able, with an effort

7 June, 2018 – The global green vision can become reality, with warming held to 1.5°C. Energy efficiency, radical changes to diet, and renewable energy can together save the planet.

Insects face calamitous habitat loss

21 May, 2018 – Unless nations act fast, habitat loss could rob half of all insects of over half their habitat. Other creatures, too, could suffer in a 3°C warmer world.

Warming climate increases Sahara’s spread

5 April, 2018 – Climate change means the Sahara’s spread is growing, displacing millions. And North Africa’s pattern of atmospheric change could affect other regions.

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