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World atlas traces Earth’s human scar

28 June, 2018 – Yet another global survey has identified the Earth’s human scar, the devastation of the Anthropocene. By 2050 the landscapes will be degraded even more.

Warmer world needs more protected habitat

25 June, 2018 – With climate change soon to be the main threat to biodiversity, protected habitat will be a higher priority than ever to give wildlife a chance.

Extinction may silence advanced civilisations

11 June, 2018 – ET hasn’t been in touch. Enduring silence may be the real message from distant and ancient galaxies, if advanced civilisations destroy the conditions for their own survival.

Humans put conservation reserves at risk

8 June, 2018 – In theory conservation reserves are set aside to preserve wild creatures. But then the humans move in. Land almost twice the area of India is threatened.

Global green vision is do-able, with an effort

7 June, 2018 – The global green vision can become reality, with warming held to 1.5°C. Energy efficiency, radical changes to diet, and renewable energy can together save the planet.

China’s trade plan may cause lasting harm

1 June, 2018 – China’s trade plan could cause environmental catastrophe, scientists warn, because of its voracious appetite for natural resources and its climate impact.

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