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Hopes rise for some coral survival

25 April, 2018 – US scientists have good news about prospects for coral survival on one of the world’s great reefs, threatened by climate change.

Long-lived civilisation may be a dream

19 April, 2018 – Astrobiology, the search for alien life, has a lesson for us here on Earth: our hope for a long-lived civilisation may not be sustainable.

Mountain plants head for the peaks

11 April, 2018 – Mountain plants are heading uphill – with climate change, there seems to be room at the top for more alpine species.

New Zealand’s wildlife feels the heat

13 March, 2018 – The impacts of climate change – including record heat and intense storms – are now hitting New Zealand’s wildlife. Humans are not the only species affected.

King penguins face a shrinking realm

28 February, 2018 – When an ecosystem changes, those creatures most precisely adapted become the most vulnerable – and that is bad news for king penguins.

Comet debris set off climate change

20 February, 2018 – Did a blitz by comet end a mysterious civilisation, or kill off the woolly mammoth? Ancient ashes tell a sombre story of climate change.

Common insects face growing problems

15 February, 2018 – The Earth’s largest animal group faces a new threat. Insects – not just rare species, but common insects too – may become less genetically diverse.

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