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Sun-powered golden sandwich boosts energy

20 September, 2018 – In two decades solar cells have spread worldwide. Now a sun-powered golden sandwich promises to make them at least 10 times more efficient.

Landslides are growing risk to poorest

3 September, 2018 – Waterlogged hillsides are dangerous. For those who live on them, or further downhill, they can be deadly. The global risk from landslides is rising.

Soil microbes speed up global warming

9 August, 2018 – They’re microscopic, but soil microbes play a massive role in the climate machinery. New research suggests they may be warming the world more than ever.

Growing risk of extreme heat and humidity

6 August, 2018 – Hazards multiply when extreme heat and humidity join in lethal combination. Scientists now know exactly where this twin danger could be greatest.

Human activity leaves diminished oceans

3 August, 2018 – Humankind has already disturbed or degraded six-sevenths of the blue planet, with diminished oceans the result. And that is before the impact of climate change.

Suicide risk may rise as severe heat grows

31 July, 2018 – High temperatures do more than raise tempers and stoke conflicts. They are also linked to depression, mental instability and a higher suicide risk.

Forest carbon emissions are set to grow

30 July, 2018 – The tropical forests could be at growing risk from climate change. And as they die, rising forest carbon emissions could threaten much of the Earth’s life.

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