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Iraq’s climate stresses are set to worsen

12 November, 2018 − After years of repression, invasion and conflict, Iraq’s climate stresses now threaten new miseries, including more intense heat and dwindling rainfall.

Fire and drought threaten China and Europe

9 October, 2018 – 9 October, 2018 – Even if nations do limit global warming, fire and drought will remain threats, ravaging more harvests in China and setting more of Europe ablaze.

Warming climate leaves its varied marks

28 September, 2018 – The warming climate is changing the globe: mountain species climb higher, valley floors sink and animal numbers fall, while their living space shrinks.

Hotter planet faces more killer heat

25 September, 2018 – The Earth can expect more killer heat, from lethal heat waves and more intense temperatures claiming more lives. Wildfires, too, will become more polluting.

Airborne potable water can banish thirst

6 September, 2018 – Airborne potable water straight from the atmosphere could provide a lifeline for arid regions, with the use of commonly available chemicals.

Forest carbon emissions are set to grow

30 July, 2018 – The tropical forests could be at growing risk from climate change. And as they die, rising forest carbon emissions could threaten much of the Earth’s life.

Warming climate increases Sahara’s spread

5 April, 2018 – Climate change means the Sahara’s spread is growing, displacing millions. And North Africa’s pattern of atmospheric change could affect other regions.

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