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Iraq’s climate stresses are set to worsen

12 November, 2018 − After years of repression, invasion and conflict, Iraq’s climate stresses now threaten new miseries, including more intense heat and dwindling rainfall.

Flash floods increase as mercury climbs

9 November, 2018 – Heavy rain must fall somewhere. The danger lies in where it falls and on what kind of terrain. As cities grow, the risk of flash floods rises.

Geoengineering is no closer to working

30 October, 2018 – Humans cannot expect a safer, cooler world from geoengineering. The only sure way to slow dangerous global warming and climate change is to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Arctic thaw imperils climate goals

26 September, 2018 – Promises to slow climate change have yet to be implemented. And even if they are, they may not be enough, because of the Arctic thaw.

Hotter planet faces more killer heat

25 September, 2018 – The Earth can expect more killer heat, from lethal heat waves and more intense temperatures claiming more lives. Wildfires, too, will become more polluting.

Huge vegetation change could affect Earth

7 September, 2018 – Humans could be about to trigger a huge vegetation change and disrupt their own environment. It has happened before, but this time it is happening fast.

Cooling a warmer world heats it even more

16 July, 2018 – Air conditioning is already a political hot potato. Refrigeration could soon be a burning issue. Cooling a warmer world will cost the Earth in climate terms.

Warming world makes noses run

29 May, 2018 – Summer is the worst time for many allergies that make noses run and sufferers feel below par. They’re causing widespread misery just now.

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